Small-Group, All-Day & Half Day Tours From Exuma

When you book with Coastline Adventures Exuma you are not just another guest you become family. Let’s go on Adventure Today!


Freedom is when you tour with Coastline Adventures, get away from land and be carried away with sound of the wind and sea, a disconnection and escapism, looking towards the horizon admiring the coast with maximum comfort and impeccable service, escape the crowd and traffic to relax in the sun san bar and sea while enjoying unparalleled view of eleven shade of turquoise water.

At Coastline Adventures, we are passionate about the natural wonders of the Bahamas Beaches, providing welcoming water tours from Exuma. Our epic adventures include a Sunset Cruises, underwater exploration on our Coastline snorkeling tour, Excursions for half day, an exciting Tours Swimming Pigs experience and more—this is just the beginning! We’re also happy to welcome you on our Full Day Tours and Full Moon Tour, get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest.


It’s More Than a Destination, It’s a Memorable Experience

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Spectacular Photo Opportunities


High-Quality Equipment & Experienced Guides


Intimate, Small-Group Sizes


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  1. We did the full day tour – it was incredible! I think the swimming the sharks was my favorite. Alex was great with the sharks and they let him hold them. I never thought I’d give a shark a belly rub! They were so curious about the people and gentle. I think my husband like the iguana’s the best! The pigs were crazy! Who knew they could swim?!! It was amazing to see Alex dive for Conch, clean them and then make an amazing Conch salad! I loved how careful Alex was. They didn’t waste anything or litter – the scraps from the Conch were fed to the sharks. I had a great time and felt very safe, even though some of the activities were definitely outside my comfort zone! We saw so much! It was a great day.


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